Taipei Artist Village Residency Exhibition

Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan

Liminal, 2017, hand dyed Eri Silk with wild Taiwanese indigo, neon light, digital photograph, dimensions variable

Occupying the centre of the main gallery space Liminal is a site-responsive reflection of the artists’ voyages to the sea floor off the coast of Taiwan's small tropical island, Xiao Liuqiu. Drawing upon Australian writer Michael Adams 2017 Calibre Essay Prize winning paper, "Salt Blood", the work delves into the artist's personal ventures into apnea, the art of not breathing, and its parallels with the tenuous nature of life. The work explores kinesthetic and physiological stimuli unique to apnea (free diving) such as hypoxia, streamlining and mental elasticity, whilst meditating upon man's unique relationship with the ocean and its ability to bring about momentary realisations of non-duality.



Electric dreams, 2017, fluorescent lights, neon lights, vinyl, charcoal, dimensions variable

Electric Dreams comprises a series of site-specific light-based drawings installed across four of the gallery's street level windows. The works describe the artists' journeys within the idyllic emerald seas and tropical coral reefs of the remote volcanic island Ponso No Tao (Orchid Island). Upon invitation the artist joined local Tao aborigines in the fringing waters of their village, free diving by day and night foraging for seafood. Combining optically charged combinations of fluorescent and neon lights with silver vinyl and hand drawn marks these gestural expressions are an extension of field-based sketches, tracing memories of the divers languid movements amongst the currents and tides of the tropical reefs and surrealistic electric blue waters.



Liminal_photo_low res.jpg