Leighton Beach Public Artwork Commission

Leighton Beach, Fremantle W.A.


Rainbow Barrel, 2016, epoxy paint on marine grade aluminium, 190 x 430 x 10cm

Rainbow Barrel draws influence from images of the Poseidon Surf Riders Club (c1980s) as well as the artist’s own connection to Leighton Beach, learning to surf there in the 80’s and continuing to surf there to the present day. Tracing the curl of the barrel ridden by a member of the Poseidon Surf Riders this elliptical form was extrapolated to generate a set of concentric rings that echo the unique form of the Leighton barrel.

Frequently encountered in the spray of feathering waves in offshore winds the rainbow concurrently symbolises the intangible and sublime surfing experience - fleeting moments of pure stoke known only to those who have experienced it. Rainbow Barrel celebrates the ‘surf stoke’ experienced by generations of surfers along the Leighton Beach strip. It signifies and commemorates a meeting place not only for the Poseidon Surf Riders but for future generations of surfers as well.


Commissioned by the City of Fremantle. Collection of the City of Fremantle.

Photographer: Alessandro Bianchetti