Hatched National Graduate Show 2014

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art


presence in the absence of presence, 2014 (from the series euphoric recall), tarpaulin, house brick, 220 x 120 x 120cm

in all directions at once all the time, 2014 (from the series euphoric recall), wooden ladder, 300 x 70 x 100cm


euphoric recall is an installation work that explores the phenomenology of surfing from the artists point of view. The work employs disparate household objects to translate these experiences to a wider audience.

In one half of the work an antique household ladder transcends two physical spaces in the gallery, insinuating the sense of disorientation when searching for the water surface after a ‘wipeout’. 

In the other half of the work a blue tarpaulin gestures a makeshift shelter, both physically and psychologically akin to being inside the ‘barrel’. The negative realisation of the word “PRESENCE” on the wall implies a meditative experience where the individual is momentarily present owing to their physical absence in the moment. 


Photographer: Alessandro Bianchetti