Frontier Surfing

Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle W.A.


White Noise, 2016, Six channel sound installation, dimensions variable

White Noise encapsulates the experience of a surfer moving through the barrel of a breaking wave. Honing in on the intimidating growl of a pitching wave the work draws the listener in to acoustic qualities synonymous with this unique phenomenon.

Layered sound samples from building demolition embody the audio spatial experience of riding through an imploding tube, literally collapsing in on itself in the space fleetingly inhabited by the surfer moments before.

The multi channel sound installation makes use of the unique architecture and acoustics of Fremantle Arts Centre, transforming the narrow corridor space and vaulted archways into the rumbling barrel of a hollow wave. The soundscape grows and mutates with the listeners movement across the face of the polyphonic wave before spitting them out in a shower of shattered debris.


Commissioned by Fremantle Arts Centre for Frontier Surfing, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle W.A.