other side of the moon

Free Range Gallery


other side of the moon, 2015, mixed media (dimensions variable) 

Drawing from personal experience and an ongoing investigation into the phenomenology of surfing other side of the moon explores the subtleties of form, light and colour variation through a surfer’s journey across the breaking wave.

other side of the moon, a title taken from the name of a remote surf spot in WA’s south west is a deeper exploration into the nuances of the surfing experience. Reduced to its essential sensorial elements, subtle shifts in hue map out the surfer’s peripheral experience from take off, to tube, to kick out.

For the hours spent in anticipation a surfer’s time on the wave is relatively insignificant. The tube ride may only last a few seconds in reality but any surfer will tell you that time stands still in the barrel. This work attempts to capture the momentary and meditative and expand it into an electric colour field of joy.


Photographer: Alessandro Bianchetti